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Design. Make. Repeat.

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Design / Art / Textiles / Fashion / Costume have always been a fascination to me. As a small child I was forever making intricate creations, honing my skills and perfecting every detail. In school and college Art was the only subject I had passion for. I lost myself in the beauty of potential, what could I make and what could I make it from?

This fascination followed me into my BA where I studied Fine Art at Northumbria Uni. I made layered paintings and sculptures inspired by movement and time. Without knowing it my fascination for sustainability and recycling would start here - I would use only left over house paint from my painter and decorator father. Layered Gloss, Satin, Matt paints would flow freely like water across 5meter wide canvases.

After my studies I found myself working as a milliner and in-store designer for a fabulous ribbon and trimmings shop 'VV Rouleaux' in the centre of Newcastle. I would make hats and accessories for Ladies Day, Ascot, Weddings and Theatre productions. It was here where I learned how to precisesly execute a brief and really grasp the skills needed for material manipulation.

I then started to experiment with making accessories. Unable to find the streetwear items I desired, I decided to make them myself. My wares were spotted by local shop owners and the orders came rolling in. Within two years my products were being stocked in over 200 alternative clothing stores worldwide. The world of business was an exciting and at times rewarding world to be part of.


However after 8 years in business I decided I wanted to concentrate on making items by hand again, to strip back the mass-production and to get back to what I loved, selling only retail with smaller batches, once again I became an independant artisan trader. It was around this time I decided to start a family, slow down and concentrate on being a mother.

When my little girl was three I decided I was ready for another challenge. I completed my MA in Design with a distinction at Sunderland Uni. I found my passion for academia and creative thinking was rekindled.


I am currently studying a post 16 PGCE. Last academic yearI taught over two courses: UAL Level 3 Fashion Promotion and Retail, and BTEC Level 4 Textiles for Fashion Design. I now teach at Sunderland University on their Fashion Design & Promotion BA for years 1, 2 and 3.


This is my next phase of creativity. I hope that my experience in business, fashion, design and craft will be of use to young minds and lead the way for the next generation of creators.


Post 16 PGCE

Newcastle college - University -2023

MA Design - Distinction

Sunderland University - 2020

BA Fine Art

Northumbria University - 2006

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